Sunday, January 8, 2012

52 Weeks of Color, Week 2

Ok, I've made it into week 2 without failing, I think that's an accomplishment. :P I have to admit, finding things I like in coral was a challenge. Not because I don't like the color, just because it seems to be less used than other colors. Lots of pink, lots of peach, but that perfect orangey-pink blend just didn't show up. Well, until designers heard about the challenge and hurried to create, I think. There's more coral in the marketplace than there was a week ago.

I was thankful for that, since I'd put together a couple of looks, but not found anything I really loved, until this morning. Luckily, I stumbled across a new-to-me designer with some very nice style.

Mini-dresses can be easily overdone, which is why I appreciate the clean lines, original accents, and the design that's reminiscent of those blocky fabric prints I love so much, without being overwhelming. And it is in the perfect shade of coral, in my opinion. In part because it's the shade my G Field pumps can match. ~grins~

I had another nice find in Earthstones, a necklace and earrings set that's not too formal, but definitely dresses up the otherwise simple outfit. Finish with some coral lipstick and some warm blonde hair (is there a better combination than coral and blonde?), and we've got our look!

Style Credits:
Skin: Mynerva - Kianna (I told you I wasn't taking this off!)
Hair: Truth - Abigail 2
Lipstick: Hush Lipstick - Juicy Coral
Dress: Leverocci - Seam Detail Mini Dress
Shoes: G Field - Eve Flower Pumps
Jewelry: Earthstones - Ti'ana Set